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Essential Alcohol-based Extractor

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  • up to one gallon capacity
  • auto-shutdown;
  • built-in micron-level filter – no need for a separate filter apparatus;
  • included purge lid means no optional purge lid is required;
  • large capacity, dual collector jars means less swapping during concentration;
  • includes a primary filter bag and high-walled silicone purging tray;
  • fully-adjustable purge conditions (temp/time) with walk-away, auto shut-off;
  • upgrade path to a CO2-based extractor.


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Our patented Extractors: 

• produce a top-quality, potent raw oil; 
• produce extract/concentrates from a variety of biomass; 
• require little, or no post-processing; 
• don`t leave hydrocarbon residue in the extract;
• are inexpensive compared to other extractors on the market; 
• can pay for themselves in less than a month; 
• are simple to operate and don’t require any special infrastructure;
• have no mechanical pumps;
• have stainless steel construction;
• recapture/recycle – they operate as a closed loop system.

PLUS, production volume can be increased by adding more machines.


Ships worldwide – contact the Company for rates.

120V components require an Inverter when using 220V

Upgradeable to a CO2-based extractor.


Additional information

Weight37 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 12 in

3 reviews for Essential Alcohol-based Extractor

  1. Chris

    Hey guys,

    Thanks so much for the essential, this thing is awesome… You guys have a fantastic product that is even better than I’d hoped for. First run turned out well beyond my expectations and experience with the source turbo.

    Thanks again


    Detroit MI

  2. Glen S.

    “top-quality construction and the built-in filter is huge”

    Glenn S.

    Bend, OR

  3. VT

    “…for my application, heat, precise vacuum, and time are VERY important. Which is why I bought your higher quality unit. Because it’s higher quality than extract craft. That machine is garbage, and what you have is decades better.”



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