MEDXtractor International Considerations

MEDxtractor CO2-based essential oil extractors are designed and built for operation using Canadian/US infrastructure. Different countries have different electrical power, CO2-supply tanks/fittings, anti-freeze types, and freezer configurations and the Operator is responsible for providing any ancillary devices/products (such as an electrical power inverter). MEDXtractor only warranties its products when operated in compliance with Canada/US infrastructure.



Medxtractor electrical components are 120VAC/60hz. In order to operate in jurisdictions with other power mains, conversion to 120VAC/60hz can be accomplished by using an Inverter of at least 1500Watts. An example is here.

If you use a 50hz power source, the digital timers may run 20% slow and you may need to adjust the timers to lengthen the runtime by 20%. When you receive the extractor you will need to set the timer at one hour and compare it to your local clock to see how far off the timer is – then adjust accordingly.



If you live in a warm climate your commonly available anti-freeze may contain a lot of water and may freeze at, or just below, water’s freezing point (0C or 32F). You must use anti-freeze with at least a -25C (-13F) freeze rating.


CO2 Tanks:

Different countries have different sized tanks and different valve threads. Medxtractor uses CGA-320 threads and you may need to replace the fitting on the Medxtractor (or get an adapter) to mate it with the type of valve threads you have available. The system specifies 20lb aluminum, diptube (siphon tube)-equipped CO2 tanks. If you can’t get them locally you should search Amazon. Here is an example:

Other size CO2 tanks can be used but the supply tank capacity MUST equal the recapture side capacity. Also, larger tanks are very heavy and difficult to move in and out of your freezer (see below). And your freezer will need to be large enough to fully contain the recapture tank.


Freezer Considerations:

Any freezer must be large enough to accommodate the recapture tank; and must be able to cool the anti-freeze down to at least -24C. Freezers with a dial-type temperature controller are preferable to digital controllers as digital controllers may restrict the coldness to -18C (see below for instructions on how you may be able to “trick” a digital controller). The anti-freeze acts as a “heat sink” and the more anti-freeze in the freezer, the longer the low temperature can be maintained. Maintaining cold anti-freeze temperature for as long as possible is very important.

If using an upright freezer like the picture below, you will need to put a container inside to hold the anti-freeze. This example uses a plastic barrel with the top cut off.


Here is another example:

Another common freezer is a chest-type freezer with a 5 cubic foot (“cuft”) capacity. If more cooling capacity is needed (for continuous runs), it is better to use two 5cuft freezers than a single larger freezer (such as 7cuft-15cuft) because when you use two freezers you are using two compressors rather than than a single compressor. The compressor is what provides the cooling capacity and two is better than one.


IMPORTANT:  When first cooling down the anti-freeze you can set the freezer to maximum cold. HOWEVER, once the anti-freeze is cold, you need to reduce the cooling to approx. 75-80% of maximum. If you do not do this, the compressor(s) can freeze up and stop working. If the compressor freezes up, just unplug the freezer and let it thaw for a few hours – then plug it back in and it should be OK.

Whichever type of freezer you use, be very careful when drilling the hole through the wall for the recapture hose. If you drill through or otherwise puncture the cooling coils within the insulation in the freezer walls the freezer will be destroyed and cannot be repaired.

Try to keep the length of the recapture hose in the freezer at a minimum to avoid frozen line blockage.



Once you pay for your extractor, title passes to you and you are thereafter responsible for getting it to where you want it to go. MEDXtractor will arrange crating/shipping/insurance on your behalf but you are ultimately responsible once the extractor leaves the MEDXtractor shop. MEDXtractor cannot be held responsible for shipping and Customs obstructions or delays.


Prior to purchasing an extractor you are urged to fully review the website at www.medxtractor.com.