Other Things

"Natural Medicine Extractors"

We do not sell these items but find that they are useful for extraction facility.

1. Centrifuge – a small centrifuge is useful for quickly spinning out impurities. Search Amazon for “small centrifuge”. You want at least 5,000 rpm.


2. Quick-connects

These are standard “valved” hydraulic quick connects available from most hydraulic fitting supply shops. Using them means you don’t need a big wrench when you change tanks. The small pressure purge valve is needed to bleed off pressure in the fitting before disconnect. One “set” is used for the Supply end and another set is used on the Recapture end. The set on the Recapture end does not require a purge valve. The stock o-ring in the valve will fail after a few uses – it should be replaced with what is known as a “hydrogenated Nitrile” o-ring – often referred to as “HS” – use HS* or HS9.