Customer Testimonials

"Natural Medicine Extractors"

“Hi Jim, just wanted to let you know the MedXtractor D-16 is doing beautifully! We’re so pleased! Hope to do business together again soon! Tina and Daniel, Florida”


“Jim, we ran our first extraction last night and had great results. I am so happy we chose Medxtractor. Being able to make a high quality product from our grow room to compete with the big dogs is unreal!! Taste, potency..it`s all there. Again thanks.” Linda and Dennis


“A few months ago I purchased the MedXtractor Disruptor 16 and I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my purchase, it was an excellent investment. The Disruptor 16 works great, silent, and produces an excellent extract. The shipment arrived after a few days of purchase, and everything was in the box as described. Best of all, the customer support is quick and reliable, the information provided was accurate and helpful, all my questions were answered in a timely manner. Thank you Jim, I am looking forward to a long term business relationship with you and MedXtractor.” AA


“Good afternoon Jim. Let me tell ya you have two very excited guys up here. Last nights run went off without a hitch. Things are coming together nicely.” GH



“Hello Jim! Just a quick note to let you know how we are doing. We are achieving as high as 16 gms. Needless to say I am quite happy with that!


– Robert M (2oz extractor)”



  “The dabs were fantastic, the flavor was very prominent, the effects were fantastic and came up slowly and faded slowly as well. I’m quite impressed with it! Thanks. Mona”