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Is there a future for craft cannabis?

In the beer market, retail dollar sales of craft increased 8%, up to $26.0 billion, and now account for more than 23% of the $111.4 billion U.S. beer market. (source: Brewers Association) Look in any large alcohol outlet and you’ll find a LOT of craft brands. And in different geographies you’ll find different craft brands.…
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MEDXtractor at the Lift & Co Expo in Vancouver

MEDXtractor will be showing its affordable small-scale cannabis oil CO2 extractors at Booth F at the Lift & Co. Expo in Vancouver from January 10-13, 2019. If you are attending the expo, stop by to talk to us and learn more about our extractors. You can purchase the expo tickets here.

Health Canada seminar about applying for a micro-class licence

  Date of the event: Thursday, December 13, 2018 Time of the event: 1:30 pm EST Below is an Eventbrite link with instructions and details to register for the Health Canada WebEx session about applying for a micro-class license. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/applying-for-a-micro-class-licence-demande-de-license-de-micro-culture-registration-52941962836 Password:  Canada2018

MJBizcon – Nov 14-16, 2018

MEDXtractor`s Los Angeles Dealer, AccessRosin, is showing our 1lb cannabis oil CO2 extractor Disruptor 16 at Booth 4197 at MJBizcon in Las Vegas from November 14-16, 2018. This represents official launch of our product in the US Market.    

Ontario chalks one up for Craft Growers

Apparently the Ontario government is a supporter of craft cannabis. The Ontario proposal is that each licensed grower can only have one storefront – no matter how large (the big guys won’t like that at all). On top of that, there will be an unlimited number of stores that can sell recreational cannabis in Ontario…
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The benefits of using small-scale CO2 extractors in combination with rosin presses.

Rosin has become one of the favoured products of the cannabis connoisseur – and it’s relatively easy to make – just put some high-grade flowers between two heated metal plates, apply a few tons of pressure with a hydraulic press and out comes the good stuff. Rosin is terpene-rich, potent and free of solvent residue.…
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Survival of the Trimmest.

You may have heard that extraction companies are making a fortune (and they are). At the same time, Growers are reporting that the extraction companies pay very little for lower-quality flowers and trim whereafter they extract it into high-value oils for vape pens and edibles – making said fortune in the process. Apparently there is…
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Who can a Canadian “micro” sell to?

  There is a rumor floating around that the new micro-processors and micro-cultivators can sell their products ONLY through “standard” LPs. I believe this to be false and here’s why: Excerpts from the Regulations: Authorized activities — licence for micro-processing (2) Subject to the other provisions of these Regulations, a holder of a licence for…
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Micro Cultivation and Processing Rules – Update 1

I was on the Health Canada conference call regarding the new Cannabis Regulations. I focused on the “Micro” licence aspects and related questions/answers. Here is a condensed takeaway:   1. 200 metres of canopy and/or 600kg of processing; 2. an individual can hold multiple licences allowing incremental growth; 3. former cannabis convictions do not necessarily…
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Man the gates!

October 17 says Trudeau. If cannabis packaging has to be “blah”, watch for non-blah “swag” as a main branding/marketing tool. Medical prescriptions will decrease as many prescription holders will opt for the simplicity of the recreational market – no more going to the doctor every 3 months to have your prescription renewed. This said, medical…
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