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"Natural Medicine Extractors"

The benefits of using small-scale CO2 extractors in combination with rosin presses.

Rosin has become one of the favoured products of the cannabis connoisseur – and it’s relatively easy to make – just put some high-grade flowers between two heated metal plates, apply a few tons of pressure with a hydraulic press and out comes the good stuff. Rosin is terpene-rich, potent and free of solvent residue.…
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Survival of the Trimmest.

You may have heard that extraction companies are making a fortune (and they are). At the same time, Growers are reporting that the extraction companies pay very little for lower-quality flowers and trim whereafter they extract it into high-value oils for vape pens and edibles – making said fortune in the process. Apparently there is…
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Who can a Canadian “micro” sell to?

  There is a rumor floating around that the new micro-processors and micro-cultivators can sell their products ONLY through “standard” LPs. I believe this to be false and here’s why: Excerpts from the Regulations: Authorized activities — licence for micro-processing (2) Subject to the other provisions of these Regulations, a holder of a licence for…
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Micro Cultivation and Processing Rules – Update 1

I was on the Health Canada conference call regarding the new Cannabis Regulations. I focused on the “Micro” licence aspects and related questions/answers. Here is a condensed takeaway:   1. 200 metres of canopy and/or 600kg of processing; 2. an individual can hold multiple licences allowing incremental growth; 3. former cannabis convictions do not necessarily…
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Man the gates!

October 17 says Trudeau. If cannabis packaging has to be “blah”, watch for non-blah “swag” as a main branding/marketing tool. Medical prescriptions will decrease as many prescription holders will opt for the simplicity of the recreational market – no more going to the doctor every 3 months to have your prescription renewed. This said, medical…
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What are they thinking?

No matter what the product, there is a practical limit on how much demand exists within a specified number of people within a specified geographic area. When speaking of cannabis, consider that over the past decades the entire Canadian demand for recreational cannabis (we’ll leave medical cannabis out of the issue for now) has been…
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Thank the Heavy Lifters

  “Aphria says the deal with Southern Glazer’s, one of North America’s largest wine and spirits distributors, will give it coverage of all cannabis retailers across Canada on the first day of legal adult-use sales.” “Edmonton-based Aurora Cannabis Inc. announced in February it would buy a 20 per cent stake in retailer Liquor Stores N.A.…
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Cannabis Market Sectors – Show me the money!

Very generally, the cannabis market can be divided into: a) Licensing, Real Estate, Construction, Growing – collectively referred to as “Growers” – there are small and large growers; and b) Regulatory Consultants, Construction, nutrient/light/HVAC suppliers, extractors/processing equipment, testing, wholesalers, packagers, retailers – collectively referred to as “Service Providers”. Some Growers stick to growing (remaining “horizontal”)…
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Vape Pen Economics

Here is a relevant article about the cannabis supply glut in Oregon. Some say the same thing will happen in Canada. The math below is applied to the situation set out in this article. The pricing effect of an oversupply of raw cannabis creates a strong argument for smaller growers to generate their own vape…
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