Economics Calculator – Vape Pens

"Natural Medicine Extractors"

Below is an economic calculator for vape pens filled with raw cannabis oil extracted using a MedXtractor. It is assumed that the raw material is a properly-prepared “50-50” mixture of flower and trim. Please use sliders to change values to accommodate your scenario. Payback in days is calculated based on assumption that the 16oz extractor is used and its cost is CAD 10,850.

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Extractor Load – number of ounces of flower/trim/rosin chips mixture inside the extractor
Expected Extraction Yield – % of Extractor Load expected to be extracted as oil
Extraction Recovery – weight of the raw cannabis oil extracted from given volume of flower/trim/rosin chips mixture
Feedstock cost – cost of flower/trim/rosin chips mixture used
Ratio of diluent to extract gram – when manufacturing vape pens, the raw cannabis oil is typically mixed with a “diluent” to increase availability to the vape pen heater element. This number represents how diluted the raw cannabis oil is
Vape Pen Capacity – number of grams of oil (diluted or undiluted) used to fill 1 vape pen
Extractor Payback – number of days or extractions needed to pay back the purchase price of the Extractor