Disruptor 16

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Available in Certified* and non-Certified Versions

Financing Available:

Canadian Financing details – click here


Maximum Operating Pressure: 1600 psi.

Modes: subcritical (liquid) or supercritical.

Applicability: process up to 30lbs/month (60lbs rosin chips).

Expandable: Expand capacity by purchasing multiple units. Multiple Disruptor purchases qualify for additional discounts.*

Automated “walk-away” operation

* Contact the company for details


Our patented Extractors: 

• produce a top-quality, potent raw oil; 
• produce extract from trim, flower, rosin chips and bubble residual; 
• require little, or no post-processing; 
• don`t leave hydrocarbon residue in the extract;
• are inexpensive compared to other CO2 extractors on the market; 
• can pay for themselves in less than a month; 
• are simple to operate and don’t require any special infrastructure;
• have no mechanical pumps;
• have stainless steel construction;
• recapture/recycle CO2 – they operate as a closed loop system.

PLUS, production volume can be increased simply by adding more machines.

++ Shipping Notes: Pickups from the Calgary shop have no crating & shipping cost. For all others, crating & shipping typically ranges between $250 and $800 (depending on which extractor is purchased and where it is being shipped to). After your order is paid we will send you the Operating Manual and the crating & shipping cost. If within 48 hours of receipt of these items you decide you don’t want to proceed we will immediately refund 100% of your money.


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Items to be supplied by the customer:

3 X 20lb aluminum CO2 tanks with dip-tubes if possible. If no dip-tube tanks are available, the CO2 tanks will need to be turned upside down and secured to prevent fallover. CO2 to be beverage-grade and available from Praxair, AirLiquide, or almost any welding shop. Empty tanks can be bought via Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/CO2-ALUMINUM-CYLINDER-TANK-TUBE/dp/B00QPWFF7U

1 X minimum 5 cubic foot household-type chest freezer – to be dedicated to the extractor. If you will be running continuous extractions it will be better to use a 7+ cubic foot freezer – freezers are available at Home Depot, Costco, etc. – usually starting at around $200.

Minimum 20 gallons of anti-freeze – preferably ethanol-based – “plumbers” or “Recreational Vehicle” anti-freeze is best. If you will be running continuous extractions it will be better to use 30 gallons of anti-freeze.

Additional information

Weight 98 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 19 × 11 in

6 reviews for Disruptor 16

  1. Al

    The Disruptor 16 is everything that I had hoped for! The extract is Superb, it’s orange and very potent, yet smooth to smoke. Thanks for making a machine that’s affordable!!

  2. Greg

    We have the 16 oz extractor and are over joyed with the outcome this fantastic machine produces. It’s the tastiest, smoothest, highest producing extract method we have tried to date. The recent proven tests showing the outcome from moldy product ran through the machine is another huge bonus! Thank you MedXtractor!

  3. Sir Harold

    Works great on rosin chips, 4% to 6% return, nice color, smokes smooth, nice viscosity full strength into vape cartridge, good to go

  4. AA

    A few months ago I purchased the MedXtractor Disruptor 16 and I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my purchase, it was an excellent investment.

    The Disruptor 16 works great, silent, and produces an excellent extract. The shipment arrived after a few days of purchase, and everything was in the box as described.

    Best of all, the customer support is quick and reliable, the information provided was accurate and helpful, all my questions were answered in a timely manner.

    Thank you Jim, I am looking forward to a long term business relationship with you and MedXtractor.

  5. Tina and Daniel, Florida

    Hi Jim, just wanted to let you know the MedXtractor D-16 is doing beautifully! We’re so pleased! Hope to do business together again soon!

  6. Coalition Seed Collective

    I have been using the disruptor 16 since December it is amazing. Thank you so much.

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