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Capacity Extender


Capacity Extender for 3oz and 6oz extractors. Easily increase capacity simply by coupling your existing 3oz or 6oz extraction vessel to an additional 6oz vessel.

Increase 3oz to 9oz or 6oz to 12oz.

Coupler, tube, and o-rings are included.

CAD995 plus shipping

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Our patented Extractors: 

• produce a top-quality, potent raw oil; 
• produce extract/concentrates from a variety of biomass; 
• require little, or no post-processing; 
• don`t leave hydrocarbon residue in the extract;
• are inexpensive compared to other extractors on the market; 
• can pay for themselves in less than a month; 
• are simple to operate and don’t require any special infrastructure;
• have no mechanical pumps;
• have stainless steel construction;
• recapture/recycle – they operate as a closed loop system.

PLUS, production volume can be increased by adding more machines.


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