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Micro Cultivation and Processing Rules – Update 1

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Micro Cultivation and Processing Rules – Update 1

I was on the Health Canada conference call regarding the new Cannabis Regulations. I focused on the “Micro” licence aspects and related questions/answers. Here is a condensed takeaway:


1. 200 metres of canopy and/or 600kg of processing;

2. an individual can hold multiple licences allowing incremental growth;

3. former cannabis convictions do not necessarily disqualify an applicant;

4. security clearances are required for main personnel and all persons who have effective control over the licence;

5. Applications and ongoing monitoring will be handled electronically via the new Tracking and License System – they say that system is ready to go;

6. A “micro” Application Guide will be coming soon – I assume it will contain the web address for the application system;

7. no micro licenses will be granted until after October 17, 2018.

8. Oil THC concentration is limited to 30mg/ml, no limit on bud strength, testing required;

9. sales only through licenced sellers – possibly a micro could get a sale licence (I was not clear on this).


I will update once I see the Application Guide.

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