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Is there a connection between cannabis extracts and COVID-19 resistance?

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Is there a connection between cannabis extracts and COVID-19 resistance?

On May 6, 2020, the National Post published a report by Bill Kaufmann titled “Cannabis shows promise blocking coronavirus infection: Alberta researcher” source: https://nationalpost.com/cannabis/cannabis-shows-promise-blocking-coronavirus-infection-alberta-researcher/wcm/f1696154-0fbd-4f0c-937e-26f69f8ec48c#comments-area

Excerpts: “Cannabis extracts are showing potential in making people more resistant to the novel coronavirus, says an Alberta researcher leading a study. After sifting through 400 cannabis strains, researchers at the University of Lethbridge are concentrating on about a dozen that show promising results in ensuring less fertile ground for the potentially lethal virus to take root, said biological scientist Dr. Igor Kovalchuk. “A number of them have reduced the number of these (virus) receptors by 73%, the chances of it getting in is much lower,” said Kovalchuk. “If they can reduce the number of receptors, there’s much less chance of getting infected.”

And “We focus more on the higher CBD because people can take higher doses and not be impaired,” said Kovalchuk.

While “higher doses” is not defined, the referenced article implies ingesting higher doses of CBD may reduce infection risk. Since Covid-19 attacks the lungs, smoking cannabis is not a healthy option and it follows that cannabis extracts in the form of drops or edibles may be the better ingestion method. Extracts are widely available but due to profit and regulatory compliance motives, the extracts provided by licensed producers are actually not very potent. For example, Aurora’s CBD Drops product contains ~3/4 gram of CBD per 30ml bottle that sells for $80 – which is >$100 per gram of CBD. Assuming a half-gram (500mg) per day for a high-daily-dose medical user, this is ~$1500 per month, not an option for most people.

Medxtractor’s smallest CO2-based extractor can produce ~150 grams of CBD per month from high-CBD-content cannabis. In the case of a small medical grower, and assuming a cost of high-CBD biomass of $100/lb, the cost of CBD may be reduced from >$100/gram to <$4 per gram. In this case the montly cost would be reduced from ~$1500 to ~$60, a 96% reduction. Using a Medxtractor, people living in jurisdictions that allow medical and/or recreational growing are able to extract CBD at a lower cost, and without potency restrictions.

DISCLAIMER: Medxtractor is not making any express or implied claims as to its ability to provide any benefit related to the symptoms of, elimination, cure or containment of COVID-19, and there can be no assurance that the extracts are, or will ever be, effective. Nothing in this article is meant to be, nor should be interpreted as, any kind of health claim. MedXtractors can be seen at www.medxtractor.com

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