Economics Calculator-Extracted Raw Oil

"Natural Medicine Extractors"

Below is an economic calculator for extracted raw cannabis oil using a MedXtractor. It is assumed that the raw material is a properly-prepared “50-50” mixture of flower and trim. Please use sliders to change values to accommodate your scenario. Payback in days is calculated based on assumption that the 16oz extractor is used at a cost of CAD 10,850.

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Extractor Load – number of ounces of flower/trim mixture inside the extractor
Extraction Yield – % of flower/trim mixture weight being extracted into oil – typically around 8%
Extraction Recovery – weight of the raw cannabis oil extracted from given volume of flower/trim mixture
Feedstock cost – cost of flower/trim mixture used
Extractor Payback – number of days or extractions needed to pay for your purchase of the extractor